Amsoft Feedback

June 1, 2015Leave a reply

Amsoft is really the best product out there… They always respond right away and not only do they help and solve any issues you are having, they go above and beyond to help and fix other things in my time of need! I would highly recommend everyone to try them out and see for yourself how truly amazing this company is!!!! Thanks Amsoft!


-Lisa Lawler

BL Insurance Brokerage, LLC

Thanks A+ Paperless Printer

February 5, 2013Leave a reply

Dear Gary & Wendy,
I can’t explain how happy we are with your A+ Printer system, since we started using it about 6 months ago, I can seriously say, we have saved at least 50% of our heavy use paper office.
Let me give you an example, let’s say we received a fax (w/c goes directly into our PC)proposal from a company/GA for certain applicant(usually around 10-20 pages), before A+, we used to print all pages, scan into that applicant scan file, change it to a PDF, then email it to the insured, imagine all the papers and the toner that we used to waste, now, we don’t even see an actual page, everything directly goes to A+ then scan, we change it to PDF, then email.
The same for the policies that we received, those are even worse, usually 50-80 pages.
Now, that we started using ADDING PAGES TO AN EXISTING SCAN, thru A+, that’s even make it much better, we pray and look forward to a day that there will be no more snail mail, so we can scan evrything directly from Digital Fax/Email.
We thank you, our printers thanking you, our toners are thanking you, and I’m sure the trees are thanking you, the whole environment thanks you…….

Baggy Cholakian
Cholakian Insurance Agency
1301 W. Glenoaks Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201
Fax 818-243-7559
Cell 818-634-5727

Keep Up The Good Work

October 10, 2012Leave a reply

I have been an Amsoft user/subscriber since 1999.   The software is excellent as well as the support received from Gary and staff.   Gary understands the agency side and provides a software package that more than gets the job done and is affordable.  I was former Applied user and I have been more than satisfied.  Thanks, Gary and Wendy, keep up the good work.

Robinson Agency

Thank you AMSOFT

August 23, 2012Leave a reply

I am very satisfied with AMSOFT.  We are a Marine Insurance Wholesaler.  We have a lot of markets and are constantly adding new sub-producers, so we need a system that is able to keep up with a broad list of demands.  AMSOFT is always willing to support us, regardless of how complex or simple an issue is that we need to resolve.  Due to the nature of our Marine Insurance business we often have unique requirements for various recreational or commercial risks, and I am happy to say that AMSOFT will either tell us how to accomplish a task within their existing framework or if needed they will offer to come up with a custom solution to our needs.  We have enjoyed our relationship for years now, and look forward to many more!   Thank you AMSOFT!

Craig Schneider
BVSA Insurance, Inc.
All Marine Insurance Agency
45 Middle Country Road
Middle Island, NY 11953
Tel 631.698.3558 x11
Fax 631.698.6128

When you find the best…

August 23, 2012Leave a reply

I started with Amsoft in 2000 and have stayed with them ever since.  Not only is the program great, the people are even better.  I am not the best on the computer, so when I bought this program, Wendy allowed me to come to her office and she went over the program with me and spent as much time as I needed.  When I needed help after that, I called and spoke with Gary, who not only took the time I needed for my questions to be answered, but was just as friendly and helpful as Wendy was.

After 9 years with Amsoft, I can honestly say that they are still the best people I do business with.  They still take as much time as I need and they never make me feel like a burden to them, as I do call them several times a year.  Everytime I have a suggestion, they listen and if it is something they can do for me, they do it immediately.

I started using Amsoft because our small office could no longer afford the system we were using and their was no customer service with them.  Nine years later, I can honestly say that I have no desire to look elsewhere.

When you find the best, you stay with them.

I greatly appreciate Gary, Wendy and their staff and highly recommend them to anyone.  Their people are the best and their system is fantastic.

Genie Byrd
Maher Insurance, Inc.    

Many Thanks

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As an Amsoft member of over 18 years I can tell you that you and your staff are the tops in quality and true value Insurance software products in the market place .We always get a fast response when we have a problem and you do not leave us until the problem is solved. I have been in the Insurance business over 45 years and have many suppliers that have come and gone and charged out of this world prices but none compare to your consistent service and true concern for keeping us going. I would advise any Agency owner looking for a quality software program to look no further than Amsoft
Many thanks for the years of great service.keep it going.
Lou Sukalski CEO
New America Insurance
Avon Ohio

Thanks again

August 23, 2012Leave a reply

Dear Gary:

We just wanted to thank you again for the tremendous customer support you gave us recently.  We encountered technical problems (some of which weren’t even related to Amsoft) at this year’s license renewal.  You (and Wendy) were able to handle all of the issues with patience and professionalism.  As a result, we were back up and running quickly without any interruption to our business.

As far as Amsoft itself is concerned, we just love the program.  It’s simple and intuitive to use, yet it does everything an insurance agency needs to do.  We tried many other programs, including much more expensive programs, before we found Amsoft.  Amsoft is by far the best and we are very loyal users.  We would recommend Amsoft without reservation to any other insurance agent.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Sincerely, Jerry Spadoni, Crosby-Victorville Insurance Agency, Apple Valley, CA