Testing the Amsoft Cloud

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To test Amsoft Cloud services, we reached out to you, our customers to test in specific environments from large multi-office operations to use with older platforms over problematic internet connections.

To test scalability and multi-office, multi-access-level use, we asked Streamline Insurance Services to move their multinational group of offices that stretch from Costa Rica to the Pacific Northwest, with offices in between. They needed their offices individually connected, with remote oversight for in-house accounting that was also done remotely. We learned that the idea worked and were emboldened by the success of cloud services.

We reached out to SGIA in Florida to spearhead mobility testing. Users were highly mobile, using Amsoft on laptops out of the office a great deal of time from sometimes dodgy wireless connections. Here, we learned to make our connections robust and bullet-proof.

Alvarado Insurance of Texas was a small and growing agency who helped us test simultaneous connectivity across legacy versions of Windows as well as scalability as their agency grows.

Other agencies reinforced these lessons, as well as gave us baselines for how much internet bandwidth was required to use Amsoft Cloud services, and what to do when something went wrong. We knew we were ready when in March we moved an operation off a large in-house server that was much in need of replacement to our fast cloud server with positive results.

Through all of this, our services, methods, and procedures matured into a product that reflects our commitment to what we produce.

Amsoft Cloud

May 27, 2015Leave a reply

Amsoft Cloud services are now available!

Is it for you? Are you ready for it? Where’s it all headed? Read now.