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Basic Overview of Amsoft (great for first-timers)
Entering Companies and Commission Data
Options Page
Using Memos and Suspense
E-mailing through Amsoft
E-mailing Multiple ACORD Forms
Appointment Calendar
Data X-change – sending Amsoft data to company websites.
Archiving Records
File Maintenance
Viewing Old records
Archiving Cleared Checks
Carbonite Online Backup

Scanning Tutorials:
Setting Up the Scanning Module
Amsoft Scanning Module
Scanning in Color and other advanced Scanning
A+ Paperless TIFF Printer Installation & Setup
Using the TIFF Printer
Adding a Tiff to an existing Image


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How to Use Viewlets:

First, the difference between playing the online file  and Downloading the Viewlet .

By selecting to play the online file, you are simply linking to the viewlet which resides on our website. Anytime you wish to play the viewlet, it will load in your browser, and once it has loaded, the viewlet will play. Because it will be loading over the internet, the amount of time you will have to wait for it to play will depend on your internet connection speed. If you choose to download and save the file, you can run the viewlet anytime you like directly from your computer. This will save a lot of loading time, and is the best choice if you plan on viewing a tutorial multiple times. Once you have opened the Viewlet, it will load and then play like a movie. If you have speakers, make sure they are on, as the Viewlets include sound (but don’t worry if you don’t have speakers – they aren’t crucial). If you need to pause the Viewlet, or rewing or fastforward, just use the control buttons shown at the bottom of the viewlet;

What is A Viewlet:

A Viewlet is a Flash-based tutorial movie. We used screens from Amsoft, added notes on the screen, as well as audio in order to create comprehensive help tutorials. Each Viewlet covers a different area of Amsoft. Some will cover basics, and others will go into more detail. We hope these tutorials will prove to be an excellent training tool for your agency, and also that they will help your agency to use Amsoft to its greatest advantage.