When you find the best…

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I started with Amsoft in 2000 and have stayed with them ever since.  Not only is the program great, the people are even better.  I am not the best on the computer, so when I bought this program, Wendy allowed me to come to her office and she went over the program with me and spent as much time as I needed.  When I needed help after that, I called and spoke with Gary, who not only took the time I needed for my questions to be answered, but was just as friendly and helpful as Wendy was.

After 9 years with Amsoft, I can honestly say that they are still the best people I do business with.  They still take as much time as I need and they never make me feel like a burden to them, as I do call them several times a year.  Everytime I have a suggestion, they listen and if it is something they can do for me, they do it immediately.

I started using Amsoft because our small office could no longer afford the system we were using and their was no customer service with them.  Nine years later, I can honestly say that I have no desire to look elsewhere.

When you find the best, you stay with them.

I greatly appreciate Gary, Wendy and their staff and highly recommend them to anyone.  Their people are the best and their system is fantastic.

Genie Byrd
Maher Insurance, Inc.    

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