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July 12, 2014Leave a reply

We have updated the Boiler and Machinery Application.

Necessity is the Father of Re-Invention: Next-Gen Data Storage

July 5, 2014Leave a reply

The next version of Amsoft uses the latest in data storage technology–a custom flavor of the open source MySQL. The big guys (Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook) use it, and so shall we. Storage/retrieval efficiency, security, error correction, and backup are all improved. Users will see increased performance and availability whether they’re scanning in the office, or are accessing customer data from a dodgy airport wireless connection.

But there are even better reasons we choose a weapons-grade data pipeline, such as the ability to securely access your data over the internet. Soon, your customers will be able to log in to their account on a custom internet portal and see details of their coverage, request information, and even pay their bill. These changes are reflected in Amsoft instantly.

Next update coming soon.



What’s New

May 29, 2014Leave a reply

We have added a new report: invoice due for future dates.


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May 1, 2014Leave a reply

We have begun Beta-Testing our Amsoft Cloud.

What’s New

March 12, 2014Leave a reply

We have added Amsoft Mobile to our list of services. This allows you to access your office network from remote computers, such as a laptop or home office, through any internet connection. (requires user license for additional computers)

What’s New

January 28, 2014Leave a reply

We have added the ACORD 129.

What’s New

January 2, 2014Leave a reply

Added additional searches available from the commercial and vehicle screens.

What’s New

September 13, 2013Leave a reply
09/13/2013 The Productions reports by Company now list the full company name as well as the company code.
09/03/2013 We have added the ability to change & modify fields on the first browse screen.    See our tutorial for more information.
08/27/2013 In the batch commissions  we now post pure premium along with the total premium.
08/10/2013   In the checkbook, return premium to insured, we now post the billing account number along with the account number.

What’s new

May 20, 2013Leave a reply

The KY and VA Forms have been added to the Commercial Auto ACORD manager.

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