December 23, 2014

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Hello All!

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This is the last newsletter of the year!. You can find all newsletters here: You can also find them at the top of Amsoft, so everyone in the office can view them.
Hope this has been a great year for you, your staff and families.  Here is wishing you an even better 2015.

Have you checked out our Interesting software section.  There is a free program there that will allow you to run Windows 8 more like Windows 7, and then convert back whenever you like.

You can find it here


Make Amsoft Mobile!

Amsoft Cloud is now in beta testing and will be fully launched in the next 60 days. Discounted pricing for beta testers available now.

Amsoft Cloud is a wonderful option for offices with multiple locations, or agents who want to work away from the office, or from home. We house your data on our hosted servers sitting on the backbone of the internet.  We then set up your computers to access your data on our servers, using an encrypted connection via your internet connection.  Therefore, anywhere your computer receives an internet connection, you can use Amsoft.

If you are interested in this, just give us a call! 800-330-1951

Don’t Forget:  Backup

Every once in a while we run into an agent that has had a computer failure.  This could be from hardware failure or nature (things such as fire, floods hurricanes or earthquakes).  It is awful to have computer problems, but even worse to have computer problems, and no backup!

We suggest having two different types of backups.  One should be local, maybe using a portable hard drive, while the other should be online, or offsite.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of the year!
Wendy, Jamie and Gary

What’s New

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We have partnered with a credit card and check processing company, which would allow you to accept credit cards as well as check by fax/phone. Details can be found under ‘File’ and ‘ACH Payments’.

What’s New

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We have added a mass change procedure, which allows you to select a range of accounts and change certain fields all at once.

What’s New

December 3, 2014Leave a reply

We have made some changes in the checkbook section of Amsoft, which allows for more checkbooks to be seen on the front screen.