April 2013

April 25, 2013Leave a reply
Hello All!   Hope all is going well.
Use this link to see what’s new:
Everyone in your office can see these news letters by clicking on newsletters at the top of Amsoft.  If you don’t have such a choice you may want to upgrade.
Don’t forget you can check tutorials here:  http://www.myamsoft.com/tutorials/
We now have a new website: http://www.myamsoft.com/  There is a user section, and the password to enter is goamsoft.
Our old website is still available  http://www.amsoft.org/
Antivirus software:  There is a new antivirus software usually called Microsoft security essentials which can cause problems with data files.  It seems to work fine for about 6 months, then may start
to corrupt data files.  If you are using this, you must set it to ignore our folders hcs and hcsdata.  If corruption occurs, you may need to remove the program entirely.
If you’re not using our paperless section, why not?   All your documents are available in Amsoft with it.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you can receive these benefits.  Look at what one agent said about our scanning with our A+
If you are interested in this, just give us a call! 800-330-1951
One last thing:  Backups
Once again, we want you to check your backup.  Is it really working?  We suggest having 2 different types of backups.  One should be local, maybe using a portable hard drive.  The other should be online.   
Gary Hoffman

What’s New

April 11, 2013Leave a reply

We have updated the ACORD 45 Additional Interest form to the newest version.

What’s New

April 2, 2013Leave a reply

We have added a new report based on billing account. It shows premium commission for all policies under one account.