September 2011

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Use this link to see what’s new:                                                                                                      
One of the new items is the ability to archive all records.  This works by Amsoft copying all your data to a new folder.  Amsoft will then delete all records that expire through the date you choose.  When completed, Amsoft will show all records you did not want archived.
When you need to see old records you will be able to point to the archived data path and view all records.   This process will not delete any accord forms.
We have created a few tutorials which show how this is done.  They are: archived records, file Maintenance, Viewing old records.  You can find these here: 
Some free software that might be helpful:
this link has some very helpful software
If you haven’t tried this you may want to.  It is a free pdf viewer.  The difference from Adobe is that you can type & draw on the PDF.
One last thing:  Don’t forget to backup
So, we suggest 2 different backups.  One should be local, maybe using a portable hard drive.  The other should be online.  The following link is to our website;  look for the link to the carbonite online backup.  It runs about $59.00 a year.

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