February 2013

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Hello All! Hope the new year is going well.

Use this link to see what’s new:

One of the new items is the ability to remove cleared checks through a date you choose. This will help speed up reconciling your checkbook. In the process, it backs up your current data and puts it in a new folder.
Also, You can now access all newsletters from the top menu of Amsoft. This will allow everyone in the office to review them.

There are 2 new tutorials here: http://www.amsoft.org/Tutorials.htm One shows you how to remove cleared checks and one shows you how to set carbonite up.

Since this is the beginning of a new year, It is a great time to create a new folder for your images. Don’t forget to add the new folder to your backup.

Make Amsoft Mobile!
Do you have the need to use Amsoft from some location other than your office? Perhaps at home you need to check on something… Perhaps at a clients office, or a second location?
We are now offering a new service which will allow you to access Amsoft from any location that you can get an internet connection. You will need an Amsoft license for each computer you want on this service, and our network technician will need to log in to each of your computers. You can find out more about this here: http://www.theelegantweb.com/amsoftvpn
Special Introductory pricing is available!

If you are interested in this, just give us a call! 800-330-1951

If you haven’t tried this, you may want to. It is a free pdf viewer. The difference from Adobe is that you can type & draw on the PDF, and save your changes:

One last thing: Backups
Every once in a while we run into an agent that has had a computer failure. This could be from hardware failure or nature. Things such as Fire, floods hurricanes or earthquakes. We always feel badly when a user has one of these failures & loses all there data with no backup. This means they must start from scratch.

We suggest having 2 different types of backups. One should be local, maybe using a portable hard drive. The other should be online. This link is to our website. Look for the link to the carbonite online backup. It runs about $50.00 a year.

Gary Hoffman

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